Shortening Methods

Shortening methods are ways in which you can use to shorten your links, we’ve grouped them to fit your purpose.


On Shortedlink, you can use any of the shortening methods at no cost at all:

  • Direct Shortening: Transfer your users conveniently through a shortened link to your website within seconds.

  • Landon Shortening: The user lands on a custom subpage which is completely customizable.

  • Linkfork Shortening: Display multiple links in one page and link users anywhere beginning with a single link.


  • With Password: Enable only authorized users get access to your link by simply setting up a password.

  • With Subscribe-to-Unlock: Set up actions (for example; like, follow, subscribe) which must be performed to unlock the link.

  • With Preloader: Just before your link visitors get your link content, display something like disclaimers, confirmations etc.

  • * With Payment (coming soon): Set up a payment which must be paid by your link visitors to unlock the link.

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